Guide for Authors

1) Author (s) must submit a Copyright Transfer Form (YHDF) document in order for their articles to be evaluated in Aksaray University FEAS Journal. YHDF information must be filled in completely, printed and signed. The signed copy must be scanned in PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG format and uploaded to the system during the article upload process on the Journal of Aksaray University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences page in the Dergipark system.

2) If the studies submitted by the authors were supported by an institution, produced from a graduate thesis, or presented in a congress / conference / symposium, this should be stated on the first page of the article file containing the author information.

3) The languages of the Journal of Aksaray University FEAS are Turkish and English. The scientific and linguistic responsibility of the manuscripts published in the journal belongs to the author (s).

4) Corresponding author should guarantee that all co-authors mentioned in the article are willing to be published and named as co-authors. All persons who made significant contributions to the work should be named as co-authors. Other people should be included in the acknowledgment section.

5) Author(s) should be referring to all citations they use in the manuscript. The studies submitted to the journal needs to be passed from a plagiarism detection via software program like iThenticate, turnitin, etc.  In this context, manuscripts that are found to be more than 15% similarity will not be evaluated.

6) Author(s) must prepare their manuscripts according to the journal publication rules and they also have to watch ethical rules to the utmost. Manuscripts that are not sent in accordance with the rules, will not be evaluated until the correction is done. 

7) Author (s) could follow the current status of their articles whose accepted for evaluation from the official webpage of the Journal of Aksaray University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in the Dergipark system through their username and password.

8) The author (s) who take a request from referee for correction must return their corrections within 1 (one) month. The articles of the author (s) who do not respond within this period will be excluded from the evaluation process.

9) Author (s) must update their articles in accordance with the referees' suggestions. If they do not approve of a change or addition put forward by the referee, they must report this to the editor with the justification and it will be forwarded to the referee.

10) For the articles in the evaluation stage, the author (s) can request withdrawal by e-mail, letter or fax. The withdrawal request is evaluated by the Editor. The author (s) cannot send, publish, or publish an article that is not approved by the Editorial Board to be evaluated elsewhere. For those who make such initiatives, the necessary notification is made to the institution to which the author (s) is affiliated and also to the relevant publishing organization.

11) During the layout work, it has to respond to the submissions made to the author (s) for control and correction within the specified periods. The articles of the author (s) who do not respond within the specified periods are postponed to be evaluated in the next issue.

12) The requests of the author (s) to bring forward the publication process of their articles for any reason won't be accepted.

13) Articles whose evaluation process is completed by the Journal of Aksaray University FEAS will be publishing by considering the date of arrival.

14) Articles that prepared and sent in accordance with the publication rules are processed after the necessary examinations are made. Applications which is not comply with the rules are not processed.

15) It is sufficient for the author (s) to send the their articles which is sent to them for correction only electronically.

16) After the the articles decided to be published by the Editorial Board, the article will be sent to the author (s) for a final review against possible errors. Authors are obliged to make the control within the specified period. If the control is not made within the specified time, the article is postponed to the next issue.

17) Two articles of the same author (s) will not be published in a single issue. The second article by the same author can only be published two issues after the current issue. In case the number of co-authors in the articles increases, this application is taken into consideration for the first author.

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